Vegan at Disney World

When I went to Disney World in 2014, I spent a lot of time researching where we would find vegan options at the parks and resorts. There were a few articles out there that helped me, but I wanted to create my own record of our experiences eating vegan on our trip to help others that are planning their own trips. First of all, we try to eat oil-free as much as possible, however that would have been extremely difficult to do on our trip. So everything we ate was vegan, but not necessarily as healthy as we eat at home. Eating vegan at Disney was surprisingly easy…

First of all, we stayed at the Art of Animation Resort on Disney. We had a great experience there and I wouldn’t hesitate staying there again. We ate all of our breakfasts in the cafeteria here before leaving our resort for the day. Disney is wonderful about accommodating to food allergies and all resorts have a vegan and gluten-free batter that they can use to make special order waffles or pancakes. We loved ordering the waffles that would come with the characters on them. They tasted great and we loved getting fresh berries added to the plate. To special order something you just need to request to speak with a chef and you wait until they come over and the chef personally takes any special orders and hands you your food. In the main line, you can also order a fresh fruit bowl in which you get to pick your fruits from their large selection. They also have plain oatmeal that is cooked in water and then you can add toppings from their bar. Soymilk is always available in the refrigerated drink section. We only had one dinner meal here and we all ordered from the create your own pasta bowl area. They carried whole-wheat pasta as an option as well as marinara sauce that was vegan, and you could pick which veggies you wanted added to your bowl.


At Magic Kingdom, Columbia Harbor House has many vegan options. The Lighthouse sandwich ordered without slaw is vegan. It is a nice sized hummus sandwich. They also carry vegetarian chili, couscous, steamed broccoli, and PB & J for the kiddos. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café has a vegan burger that comes with apple slices or fries. Then they have a toppings bar so you can load it up with whatever you want. They also have the PB & J option for kids. There are also many places to get snacks throughout the park. Mickey’s pretzels and the fruit flavors of Dole Whip are vegan. Prince Eric’s Village Market also carries fresh fruit and pickles.

At Epcot, we got lucky when we went because the Food & Wine Festival was going on, and we were able to order vegan crab cakes and gumbo at a vegan kiosk. The portions were very small, but they tasted great. We had made reservations for dinner at Via Napoli, which is an Italian restaurant. We ordered the very large-sized pizza without cheese and with olives, artichoke, and tomatoes. It was amazingly good, the crust and sauce was very fresh and authentic tasting. It was the perfect size for us and we all loved it. We also snacked earlier at Kabuki Café where we ordered kakigori, which is Japanese shaved ice. They had 3 flavors and it really hit the spot since it was a hot day. We didn’t eat at the Katsura Grill, but they offer veg sushi, steamed veg, edamame, and rice.

At Animal Kingdom they have Discovery Island Kiosk, which is a place where they can guide you where to go for food allergies or vegan options. We asked them for recommendations and were told that Pizzafari had vegan cheese you could order or just down the walkway there was a place that sold falafel pitas, which were vegan if ordered without the sauce. We choose the falafel which was good, we also ordered a hummus and veg appetizer. There is a Harambe Fruit Market there, which is good for a healthy snack. But since we were on vacation, we headed back to the Discovery Island Kiosk for some vegan ice cream and doughnuts. Both were amazing!

One night we had made reservations at Boma, which is the buffet restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge. One you get seated inform your waiter that you are vegan and they will send the chef out to give you a personal tour of the buffet letting you know which options are vegan. I had read that this buffet was especially good for their vegan options, and it did not disappoint! We all left completely stuffed with amazing food. We had lentil soup, several veg dishes, rice, watermelon rind salad (sounds weird, but amazing!!!), hummus and bread, salad, fresh fruit, and the chef brought us out some vegan cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.

We also went to the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at the Polynesian Village Resort. You will need a reservation for this as well. On arrival we told the waiter we were vegan, and we were served salad, fresh pineapple, and rolls. Our entrée was a vegetable stir-fry with rice, which we all enjoyed. We had fresh fruit for dessert. We really loved all the dancers at this show, it was fantastic!

Another thing to note about the Disney Parks is that they do allow you to bring snacks in with you. We took advantage of this and carried snack bars with us. This saved us a little money on snacks, and it was convenient having a quick snack handy for the kiddos since they seem to get hungry all the time. Overall, I was amazed at how easy it was to get good tasting vegan food at Disney.


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