Vegan in Las Vegas

This was my first time going to Vegas and it was so much fun! We ate very very well! We stayed at the Wynn, which I highly recommend because all of their restaurants have a vegan menu option. The hotel itself was fantastic and then having the convenience of dining in any of their restaurants will have me staying here again whenever I go back!

The only restaurant we ate at that wasn’t at the Wynn was Hussong’s Cantina at the Luxor when we went to see Criss Angel. This restaurant was amazing! Great selection, wonderful food, and great prices.


We ordered the sopes for our appetizer and they were really good!


Then we decided to get the fish tacos and the baja tacos with beef to share.



They were both awesome, but our favorite was the fish tacos. I miss them!

One day we also took a day tour to see the Grand Canyon and I have to share that we used Grand Adventures (their website) to see the South Rim and it was fabulous, we loved our tour guide. When booking they even give a vegan option that other tours didn’t. They provide an Arby’s marketfresh sandwich for a picnic lunch there. It was so convenient being able to order a veggie with no mayo or cheese when making the booking. The sandwich was on a nice hearty bread so filling enough for lunch with the snacks we also brought with us. We even had a special guest join us for lunch!


Here is a pic of me with Popeye back at the Wynn. (And yes, I am sunburned! I should have reapplied on our hike) On a side note, I highly recommend the show Le Reve – The Dream that is here. We loved it!


On our first night here we ate at Wazuzu and ordered the dim sum and the drunken noodles. Both were fabulous, so much so that I forgot to get a picture until it was almost gone. Oops! I also had their chocolate dessert, it was good, but not the best. Since I loved the dim sum so much, we went to Red 8 later in our stay and I did get pictures then!


This was our dim sum appetizer! I miss this dim sum too!!! It was soooo good! My husband had the cashew chicken, which he mostly liked, but the celery was cut in large pieces that he didn’t enjoy and left on his plate.


I had the lettuce wraps which were amazing, he kept trying to steal mine!


One of our favorite restaurants we ate at was Allegro at the Wynn. It was so good and we were really stuffed with their nice sized portions. My husband had the chicken parmesan. I should note that all of the vegan meats at the Wynn are Gardien.


I ordered the pizza which had a ricotta type nut cheese on it. This was the best pizza of my life, vegan or not! And yes, I ate the whole thing!!! It was so huge I couldn’t get it all in one shot!


We also tried out the buffet for breakfast one day. We about rolled out of there afterwards! So much good food! Again, I was a bit too excited and didn’t get food photos but I did take a pic of the beautiful dining area with all the flowers.


We told our server we were vegan and so she summoned the chef to walk us through and let us know what we could eat and what could be made special order for us. You can special order pancakes, waffles, pizza, tofu scramble, and breakfast potatoes at the buffet stations. Also, on the buffet were muesli, tons of fresh fruit, fresh bread with homemade jams, a tofu appetizer, stir fry, mini muffins, chia pudding, and the desserts. We loved the waffles with vegan butter, breakfast potatoes, muesli, bread and jam, and mini muffins the best. The bread and jams were amazing and the chocolate chip mini muffins were to die for. Then, even though it was breakfast we hit the dessert station. My husband loves candy apples and was excited to find them there. I enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies, tapioca pudding, and soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream. I had hoped to revisit the buffet again but the line was massive when we went back and so we didn’t. Next time!

Since we loved the mini muffins on the buffet so much, we were excited to find full-sized chocolate chip muffins at the coffee shop. We brought several home!


The other restaurant we dined at was Terrace Point Cafe, it is by the pool and we enjoyed eating on the patio. They aren’t open for dinner, but have a great selection for breakfast/lunch.


My husband got the Wynn burger which is a great price and comes with fries and a chocolate shake. You will find this on several of the menus at the Wynn. The shake was definitely the best part! Yummy!



I ordered the french toast. It was great, but not very filling.


We did order room service once during our stay. They do have a decent selection of vegan items such as smoothies and juices that range in price from $8-11, fresh fruit from $8-22, cold cereal $8, 2 muffins $10, bagel $7, toast $5, tofu scramble $22, pancakes $19, cheezy vegan dip $16, Wynn burger $12, ravioli $26, veg fried rice $18, and soy ice cream/sorbet $11.

We ordered the spinach artichoke ravioli, tomato soup, berries, and juice to share and it came with a nice bread basket. It all tasted good, but the ravioli portion was way too small for the price.


I hope you found this helpful! We definitely plan to go back one day! Follow my blog if you want to see more travel posts and recipes from me. Also, if you or someone you know is looking to transition to a whole food plant based diet please check out my services page for my ebook and coaching services.





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