5 Course Raw Vegan Dinner

Last night I went to an amazing 5 course raw vegan pop up dinner put on by a local chef, Jess Rice. I have had her food several times before and she amazes me every time with her creativity and ability to create such beautiful and delicious food. I thought I would feature this dinner in my blog today to show everyone how meals made completely with plants are anything but boring. They are filling, beautiful, fancy, creative, yummy, and of course very healthy for you too.

The first course was a BBQ salad made with BBQ jackfruit and pickled apple. It had a cacao mole sauce on the side and vegan cheddar which was amazing. This course was my absolute favorite because it was bursting with flavor and had great flavor combinations and textures. So delicious!!!


Our second course was a winter curry made with jicama coconut rice. This dish was loaded with beautiful fresh local veggies.


Our third course was avocado ceviche made with locally grown wild mushrooms. It had a sprouted tortilla and citrus on the side. I am personally not a fan of mushrooms so I didn’t care for it so much, but my friend really loved this dish a lot. The citrus and tortilla were a nice touch.


Our fourth course was kimchi noodles. It was made with kelp noodles, purple daikon radish kimchi, and sesame. I really liked this dish a lot. It was nice and creamy with a nice crunch from the peppers and great flavor.


Our fifth and final course was dessert! We had a chocolate cookie dough cake with fermented berries and local port. It was amazing! We both loved it!grazepopup5

As you can see, you aren’t “missing out” on anything when eating vegan! It’s quite the opposite! I often get asked “Well, what do you eat?” The answer is lots of yummy food! If you are ever in Nashville, TN definitely look up Jess Rice as she has plans to open a restaurant in town. I am looking forward to it! She also hosts these pop up dinners from time to time so be on the lookout.


2 thoughts on “5 Course Raw Vegan Dinner

  1. Jess Rice needs to open a restaurant in Huntsville. We still don’t have a “Vegan only” restaurant here to my knowledge. Seems strange considering the ethnic diversity in Huntsville as well as the higher average education level. I would think a Vegan restaurant in the right location could do OK – not necessarily a Grand Slam but sustainable at least. Whole Foods is about it for a LOT of Vegan choices.


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