Mojito Smoothie

This is a really yummy summer treat (or anytime of the year for that matter)! You won’t believe how healthy this smoothie is when you taste it. It tastes like a mojito, but it’s filled with sneaky healthy ingredients. It’s actually perfect for getting veggies into kiddos! For this recipe I like to pick fresh herbs from my garden, but it can be easily made without fresh leaves so I will give those options as well.


Mojito Smoothie

1/3 c. frozen greens (kale, spinach, chard…)

1 frozen banana

1/3 c. frozen green peas

1 1/2 Tbsp. lime juice

~7 mint leaves, or a couple drops mint extract

~3 stevia leaves, or about 8 drops of stevia liquid

1 1/3 c. non-dairy milk

1 Tbsp. ground chia seeds, optional

1/2 tsp. rum extract, optional

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend well. Enjoy!

* I promise it won’t taste like peas. 😊 Mint is really good at masking flavors. You will enjoy a serving of greens and peas which help you stay full longer, all while enjoying a refreshing treat!

For more plant based recipes check out my blog and like me on Facebook! I also offer services to help you transition to a whole foods plant based diet. 💚




4 thoughts on “Mojito Smoothie

  1. Here’s another one that is delicious:

    Freeze 2/3 cup banana, thinly sliced, and 1/3 cup chopped cucumber overnight. Add 6 ounces apple juice, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 cup raw green kale (stems removed), frozen banana, frozen cucumber, and a small chunk of raw, unpeeled ginger to a high-powered blender and process on high for 20-30 seconds.


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