Travel Tips for staying whole food plant based when you have kitchen access

I just got back from a nice trip to a cabin for a week and I thought it would be helpful to share how I went about planning for my trip’s meals so we could all eat plant based with ease and not have to worry about trying to find something good to eat in a destination that didn’t have good plant based options in restaurants at all.

First, I planned my menu based on how many days we would be there. I needed 6 dinners, 5 lunches, and breakfasts. Breakfast is the easiest to plan as we like oatmeal and cereal with non dairy milk and fresh fruit. Then for lunches we mainly planned on having sandwiches since we would be packing them to take with us most days. We had BLTs with tempeh bacon, peanut butter and banana, and hummus and veggies. Then for dinner I picked menus that would be easy to prepare when I wasn’t in my own kitchen. This meant picking things that didn’t require my food processor and other items I wouldn’t have access to and meals that had easy and quick prep, I was on vacation too of course. I ended up choosing bean enchiladas with a sauce pouch, pasta marinara with broccoli and chickpeas, loaded baked potatoes with queso and broccoli and beans, burgers and baked beans, and we did a breakfast for dinner night with pancakes, tofu scramble, and tempeh bacon. The last night we had leftovers to clean out the fridge before leaving.

Once I had my menus planned I made 2 lists, one of food I would bring from home, and one of food we would need to buy at the grocery store after we arrived. This makes our grocery trip there very effortless since all the planning and work is already done. I brought items that I knew would be hard to find at a regular grocery like my tempeh bacon, enchilada sauce, oil-free marinara sauce, homemade oil-free hummus, and oil-free tortillas. I also packed some snacks we like such as Mary’s Gone Crackers, kale chips, freeze-dried roasted corn and fruits, rice crackers, and snack bars. Then I prepped bags of spices that I would need for some of my recipes such as the burgers, queso, and tofu scramble. I also prepped my pancake dry ingredients in a bag. I labeled all my bags and wrote what wet ingredients I needed to add and any cooking instructions I needed. I also brought my own can opener just in case, along with foil and parchment paper.


For my grocery list, I made sure to include bottled water for our packed lunches. I also bought a disposable casserole dish for baking my enchiladas and some paper plates, bowls, and disposable utensils to make clean up easier at the cabin. I got plenty of fresh fruits for snacks and baby carrots and cucumber.

Planning my trip this way was very efficient and helpful for us. It is a bit more work before you leave for your trip, but once we were there the extra planning really paid off. Some of the days of our trip were spent at a theme park that didn’t have plant based options other than pretzels, fruit, and a few other random things. Park rules were that you couldn’t bring in outside food. We packed our lunches in a cooler that we left in the car and we would exit the park to eat and then return. This worked out really well for us and we did take a snack bar each into the park with us and they never noticed or said anything to that was also handy to have.

I hope that this has given you some ideas that you can use to make your next trip a little easier. I love it when I am staying at a location where I can have a kitchen, as it is so much cheaper and healthier than trying to eat out every meal.

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