About Me



Hi! My name is Carmen. I created this website with one main goal in mind – to help as many people as I can become healthier individuals and families. I am very passionate about all the benefits of eating a whole foods plant based diet. The amount of solid scientific research that has been done by doctors and scientists clearly showing how eating whole foods plant based can prevent and even reverse many common chronic diseases is truly mind blowing.

Once you have learned about all these wonderful findings, you may be thinking “Ok, I definitely want to change the way I eat and improve my health, but where do I even start? What will I eat?” That is what I am here for! I will help you get started on the right track and will be here every step of the way to answer your questions as you begin this transformational journey. My ebook, blog recipes, and unlimited email support will give you the kick start you need to change your eating habits.

My journey towards eating a whole foods plant based diet began during the summer of 2012. I was checking some books out of my local library because I love to cook and I came across the The Kind Diet, which first introduced me to the idea of not eating animal products for health. My curiosity was peaked and that lead me to The China Study. I read the book in 3 days because I couldn’t put it down. I knew right then that I wanted to change my way of eating. My family and I soon transitioned to a whole foods plant based diet. I spent a lot of time learning more about the benefits and safety of eating a plant based diet and finding recipes that my whole family would enjoy. I take pride in knowing that I am providing my kids with a very healthy diet and setting them up for a life of wellness instead of chronic disease.

I used to have pre-diabetes in my mid 20s until I stopped drinking soda. But even after stopping soda and getting my blood sugar back to normal, I became a borderline gestational diabetic during my last pregnancy (2009) and had to follow a diabetic diet. Now that I have been eating plant based, I no longer have any issues with my blood sugar, and with my strong family history of diabetes, I feel so good knowing that I am following the best path to preventing it in the future. Since transitioning, I have also lowered my cholesterol, which was always borderline high.

I am a nurse (RN) and with my medical background I just couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about eating a whole foods plant based diet for chronic disease prevention and reversal earlier. I have since learned about the power of the meat and dairy industries and the lack of nutritional education provided to doctors in medical school (4 hours of instruction on average). No wonder it’s not well known and promoted!

In April of 2015, I took the plant based nutrition certification course by Dr. T. Colin Campbell offered at Cornell University to further my education.