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   E-Book  ($9.99) paypal

I decided to write an e-book, “The Ultimate Guide To Transitioning To a Plant Based Diet, to offer people a great resource to use when transitioning to a whole foods plant based diet. My book is comprehensive yet easy to read. I basically added everything that I wish I had known when I was transitioning. It includes everything from snack ideas, shopping tips, stocking your pantry, reading labels, how to handle social situations, kids, traveling and restaurants, to my favorite brands and resources, and more.



1 Month of Email Support  ($14.99)


I also offer unlimited email support for 1 month for those who want to have an expert available to answer questions, offer encouragement, come up with healthier options/recipes for cravings, and basically be there to “hold your hand” through the transition process. Whether that’s a complete transition or simply adding more plant foods to your diet. I will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours or less in addition to periodically checking in with you to see how you are doing and what you may need.



Recommended – Value Package  ($30)


This package includes 3 months of email support for the price of 2 months. Studies show it takes about 3 months to create new lasting habits when making a big lifestyle change. This option insures you will be best prepared for success!



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If you are currently taking medication or being treated for a chronic illness you should discuss any diet changes with your medical doctor as changing your diet can cause dramatic improvements in your health and adjustments may need to be made to decrease medications to prevent serious complications such as hypoglycemia and low blood pressure.

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